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King is a fun loving poet, activist, mentor, lover, fighter, and everything in between. Born in Dallas, TX and raised in the South Dallas neighborhood. He wrote his first poem at 12 and his first performance was in a Baptist church, at the age of 17, when a lady that saw his unique gift for the art made him get up in front of his peers and showcase his talent. Since then he has been dedicated to helping people young, and old find their voice, and he encourages them to give it to the world, because, “we all have a story to tell”. He says, “from the baby in the womb to my brothers locked in the beast’s tombs, to the fatherless sons, to the sista whose heart is on the run, these are the people for whom I write, and every day I pray that my words can do them justice”. King has written over hundreds of poems, been a feature performer in over fifteen states, competed in Southern Fried Poetry Slams in New Orleans, Durham NC and the National Poetry Slam in Chicago as a member of Columbia SC’s first Poetry Slam Team in 2003. He was also a member of New Danger Poetry Slam Team in 2009. King opened for Amiri Baraka at Wake Forest University and was featured at Rust College in Holly Springs MS at the National African American Student Leadership Conference, with Dr. Sonja Sanchez. His Poetry was also adopted by Allendale County High School English department, and was studied by their students’ spring of 2010. He is the founder of S.T.R.U.G-LIN LCG and President of the New Danger art Collective, and a voting member of Alternate Roots. He is Co-founder and executive producer of Ladypalooza, an all female art showcase celebrating the lives and work or women. He is the creative writing instructor at the South Dallas Cultural Center. He has released three chap books; That’s My Soul Talking, and A Field Slaves’ Dream, A Slave Masters’ Nightmare and Nakupenda. He was recently published in the Anthology of African American poets, by the University of South Carolina and he released his first full length book of poetry Street lights J's and Hip Hop in April 2015.

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